Jak uczyć się szybko i skutecznie?

Przedstawiamy trzy life hack'owe artykuły zbierające porady ekspertów i poliglotów, którzy uczenie się języków opanowali do perfekcji.

Warto wiedzieć, jakie korzyści dla pracy naszego mózgu niesie uczenie się nowych języków.

7 Steps to Mastering a New Language


Fluency is only a matter of time and effort. You will find yourself knowing a language which can enrich your life and teach you new perspectives.

4 Learning Methods From 4 Language Masters: How To Make Meaningful Progress In Your First Hour - Babbel.com


We challenged 4 polyglots to learn Romanian in an hour. Here are 4 tips we picked up from observing how they each approached learning a new language.

How to Learn a Language Faster From 12 Language Experts


In a world that demands rapid learning, the ability to learn a language faster is an important skill to acquire. Concerning learning faster, skill acquisition can be transferred to just about anything you want to learn. The most common mistake we see people make when trying to learn a language, is going at it alone.

Here’s 12 learning tips from the experts.

Jakie korzyści płyną z bycia dwujęzycznym?

Being bilingual rewires the fundamental structure of your brain

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This post has been updated. It’s well known that being bilingual has cognitive benefits: switching between two languages has been compared to mental gymnastics. But now, research suggests that mastering two languages can fundamentally alter the structure of your brain, rewiring it to work differently than the brains of those who only speak one language. “Bilinguals are…

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